What is the definition of papillary adenoma? What is the relationship of papillary adenoma to papillary renal cell carcinoma? Do we need to divide papillary renal cell carcinoma into two subtypes?


Papillary adenoma is defined as a papillary epithelial tumor with papillary structures <5 mm in size. A renal tumor with similar histologic features but τ-5 mm is considered papillary renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Although the size criterion is arbitrary, a renal papillary tumor <5 mm has no metastatic potential. In reality, a papillary adenoma may grow in size and then satisfy the criteria for papillary RCC. Papillary RCC can be divided into type 1 (scant to basophilic cytoplasm, abundant macrophages, and often low nuclear grade) and type 2 (abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and often high nuclear grade). However, dividing papillary RCCs by nuclear grade may be more practical and biologically relevant.


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