Impact of Tobacco Smoke on Asthma and Allergic Disease

  • Eric Livingston
  • Neil C. Thomson
Part of the Allergy Frontiers book series (ALLERGY, volume 1)

The prevalence of asthma and other atopic diseases are rising. Genetic factors are unable to explain the increase in prevalence over the last few decades. It seems very likely that there is a strong environmental influence on the expression of allergic diseases [1]. These exposures may occur in childhood or adult life but environmental exposure during pregnancy may also dictate patterns of disease in later life. The risk factors that might have contributed to this increase include active and passive tobacco smoking, which are on the rise in certain age groups and in females. Allergic conditions share numerous characteristics including the production of IgE antibodies in response to allergens, an impaired balance between cytokines of the Th1 and Th2 lymphocytes, a positive family history of atopic diseases and sometimes the expression of several atopic conditions [1]. In this chapter, the effect of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and active smoking on the development and clinical manifestations of asthma and other allergic conditions will be reviewed.


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