Exercise-Related Acute Renal Failure


In 1910, Meyer-Betz reported the first published case of acute renal failure with muscular pain, weakness, and dark urine after intense exercise [5]. In 1960, Howenstine reported that this type of acute renal failure was exercise-related myoglobinuria [6]. However, at this time, it was impossible to distinguish hemoglobin from myoglobin, and this type of acute renal failure was considered to be a type of heat stroke. However, in 1970, Jackson [7] reported that this disorder was exercise-related renal failure and muscle damage, and this publication led to a gradual increase in research interest in myoglobinuric acute renal failure. In 1972, Hamilton et al. [8] and Knochel [9], respectively, reported that similar cases were exertional rhabdomyolysis. Matsumoto et al.[10] first reported this disorder in Japan in 1976.


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