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Part of the Keio University Symposia for Life Science and Medicine book series (KEIO, volume 4)


Clinical aspects of an ideal long-term care system have been discussed in a group of thoughtful and stimulating papers. Professor Chino focused on the importance of rehabilitation medicine in long-term care, and Professors Inoue and Nakayama on nursing. Professor Mauritz reviewed the long-term care insurance plan in Germany as a model and its impact on clinical aspects of care. Professor Mitty’s paper discussed the interface of acute medicine and long-term care. My own paper reviewed the multiple roles that physicians can play in a long-term care system, and Professor Orimo discussed the substantial need for physician training in geriatrics and long-term care. Professor Ribbe’s paper highlighted the important collaboration between medical care and social services needed for effective long-term care and the role of long-term care specialists. Finally, Professor Whitehouse focused on the long-term care needs of patients with dementia. A number of common themes appeared in this series of papers. As summarized in Table 1, these themes can be grouped according to the perspective: the point of view of the patient and patient care, the point of view of the health care providers, and the point of view of the health care system.


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