Commentary: Preparing Health and Social Clinicians for Holistic Care

  • Rosalie A. Kane
Part of the Keio University Symposia for Life Science and Medicine book series (KEIO, volume 4)


As a visitor to Tokyo, I had great pleasure yesterday in exploring the city, yet the subway posed a challenge. As a stranger, I had difficulty finding the stops where transfers could be made from one line to another. This experience and the anxiety it engendered is analogous to the experiences of older people with disabilities and their family members when they seek to locate and use long-term care services. Most people have had experiences with physicians and nurses during their lives, but most tend to be strangers in the land of long-term care. Patients often have great difficulty finding their destinations within health care systems and social service systems and moving between them. Health and social services are both vital for long-term care, yet the two systems (to the extent they are systems at all) tend to be poorly articulated. Physicians and other health professionals may speak different languages from social service professionals, and may also have different views of case management.


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