Computed Tomography of the Cholesteatomatous Ear

  • Tamotsu Morimitsu


The temporal bone comprises five parts: (1) a squamous portion, (2) a petrous portion, (3) a tympanic portion, (4) a mastoid portion, and (5) a styloid portion. The petrous portion is the most important in radiology for cholesteatoma; it houses all of the inner ear, the epitympanic cavity, and the supratubal recess in the protympanum. Anterolaterally the petrous connects with the the tympanic portion at the petrotympanic fissure (Glaserian fissure), which forms the passage for the chorda tympani and the anterior tympanic artery. Posteriorly, it connects with the squamous portion at the petrosquamous suture, which remains as Koerner’s septum, projecting into the superior portion of the mastoid antrum to form a surgical landmark.


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