Surgical Findings of Anterior Tympanotomy in the Cholesteatomatous Ear

  • Tamotsu Morimitsu


In this chapter, surgical findings in anterior tympanotomy on the tympanic diaphragm, especially on the partition attached to cholesteatoma near the supratubal recess, are explained and discussed. As cholesteatoma develops (usually in the poorly pneumatized ear), these intraoperative results can be used in place of anatomical landmarks on the tympanic diaphragm. In this study, we measured the bony partition removed during anterior tympanotomy using angled sounds with tips 3, 4, and 5 mm long. The length of the bony partition, the width of the drilled rough bony surface (indicating thickness of the bony partition at the base), and the size of the supratubal recess were measured.


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