The sun, the Moon, and the Eyeball —A Cosmic Correspondence

  • Kohei Sugiura
Conference paper


[The Eyeball, the Earth-ball, the Sun and the Moon]—A pair of globes nested within our domed heads: the eyeballs. Another globe, the planet upon which we stand: the Earth-ball. And, lighting its Heavens, two more brilliant globes: the Sun and the Moon. We consider the fascinating elationship between these complementary pairs of globes, spanning the Cosmos and the human.

[The Mythology of the Sun-eye and Moon-eye, and Asian Meditation]—The Cosmos-sized Gods of Asia, with the light of the Sun and the Moon issuing from each eye. This cosmic light of the Suneye and Moon-eye derive from the principles of yoga meditation. A Japanese depiction of the Buddha, where principles of meditation are inscribed in the facial features, is introduced.

[The Sun, the Moon and the Cosmic Mountain]—The Sun and the Moon appear midway up the slope of the Cosmic Mountain, which towers up from the Earth to the Heavens. The figures of the Sun and Moon are also found on the Imperial robes of China and Japan, signifying the Emperor’s persona.

[Two as One and One as Two]—The Chinese human-headed snake-bodied Cosmic Creation Gods locked in spiral intercourse depict the dynamic vortex of Ying-Yang polarity. The Japanese “Mandala of Two Worlds” is a complex symbolic description of the principle of “two as one and one as two”, where different essences meet in opposition.

Is it possible that a mode of thought capable of bringing together the increasingly fragmented World is intrinsic to the relationship we find between our right and left eyes and the body that contains them?


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