The International Hearing Foundation (IHF) —Dedicated to Education, Research, and Service

  • Michael M. Paparella
  • Treva Paparella


The International Hearing Foundation (IHF) is dedicated to, and has been productive to date in its programs that include, otological (ear) research, postgraduate education, service to patients both local and global, and public awareness. Hearing and human communication represent the most important human attribute but receive remarkably little visibility and support, particularly in the private sector. America has recently discovered (for example, in NAFTA and GATT) that it is increasingly part of a global economy. The IHF has practiced this concept for years. We are indeed our brothers’ keepers, and by helping others we help ourselves — especially our patients. The IHF is the only foundation of its kind that, by virtue of its programs especially in research and education, helps people locally as well as elsewhere.


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