The Development of Rehabilitation for Deaf Children in China

  • Sun Jinzhong


China is the largest developing country in the world, with a population of 1.3 billion. By the national sample survey in 1987, there ware 60 million disabled people. Of the 20.57 million people or, 16.79% of the total disabled, were with hearing and speech disabilities, which was the largest in the 5 categories. Over 30 thousand newborn are with hearing impairment caused by ototoxic drugs, inheritance, infections etc. The Chinese government always pays attention to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of deafness. The first Protection Law for the Handicapped was published in 1990. The Eighth (1991–1995), the Ninth (1996–2000) and the Tenth (2001–2005) Five-Year Programs for the Handicapped issued by the State Council put forward concrete objectives for prevention and rehabilitation of deafness.


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