Training of Ear Specialists in the Philippines

  • Charlotte M. Chiong
  • Generoso T. Abes


The Philippines has a population of 80 million people scattered over 7107 islands served at present by 297 certified otolaryngologists. As with most developing nations basic problems include malnutrition and infections. The prevalence of diseases clearly impact on the training of specialists in ear, nose and throat particularly in otology. The annual report of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital which is the largest training hospital in the country documented that a total of 50,000 outpatients were seen in the year 2001, more than 2000 diagnostic procedures and more than 1,800 outpatient therapeutic procedures and about 350 major otologic surgeries were done most of which were tympanomastoidectomies for ear infections.


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  1. 1.Department of OtolaryngologyUniversity of the PhilippinesManilaPhilippines
  2. 2.the Philippine General HospitalPhilippines
  3. 3.Department of OtorhinolaryngologyUniversity of the PhilippinesManilaPhilippines
  4. 4.the Ear Institute of the National Institute of Health PhilippinesPhilippines

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