Follow up System in Middle Ear Surgery for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

  • Helmi Abdullah


I found in many institutions in Indonesia as well as in several other countries, the evaluation of clinical and audiological aspect of middle ear surgery were often difficult because the recorded data were not well structured and frequently not complete. Also many data were hand written and difficult to read for follow up study. To overcome the problem, the primary data must be written in standardized forms that can be picked up by the check system. The forms must be based on general consensus on the terminology, classification, grading as well as staging system concerning preoperative conditions, operative findings, operative procedures and successive post operative follow up. The results then can be compared with the mean values of several clinical and audiometric parameters, which the result of various surgical procedures on various preoperative and operative findings after some specific period of time of healing process.


Tympanic Membrane Operative Finding Historical Cohort Chronic Suppurative Otitis Medium Tympanic Membrane Perforation 
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