Noise and Hearing Impairment

  • Yasuo Harada
  • Masaya Takumida


Our hearing ability is highly influenced by aging, toxic drugs, big noise etc. Noise induced hearing loss is commonly occurred under industrial environments and long-term use of loud earphones. Hearing impairment induced by noise is one of the big problems in industries and aircraft businesses. Workers under noisy condition have to regularly wear earplugs. These workers are suffering progressive hearing impairment from 4000 Hz. The occupational deafness may not be protected if workers are exposed to big noises in the long period through their aging. Recently an upper limit of big noise in industrial circumstance was legally fixed under 100 dB, and as a result working condition in heavy industries was markedly improved. On the other hand, acute sound trauma is even caused by sudden big sound in rock and disco music and explosion accidents.


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