Present Status of Hearing Aids Marketed in Japan, from the Viewpoint of a Layman User

  • Yukiya Yamaguchi


I am an electronic engineer, aged 77, and using hearing aids since 40 years ago, when my hearing loss was about 40 dB. I have experienced with various types of hearing aids, including analog-type BTE, ITE, ITC and CIC types together with the box type or body aid. I also tried spectacle type with binaural configuration. My hearing loss is of a typical high frequency loss type, and relatively easy to overcome by a general purpose hearing aids. Two years ago, I was officially qualified as physically handicapped, and I am now using a BTE type. Though the technical advance during past 40 years is remarkable, my complaint is still toward their user-unfriendly nature and their high prices. Present paper refers only to those relatively simple general purpose low-cost hearing aids, of single or dual channels.


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