Educational Program for Parents of Deaf Children in Latin America

  • Pedro Berruecos
  • Lilian Flores


Latin American countries have a surface equivalent to almost 14% of the earth. Within a combined population of over 500 million in 35 countries, it is estimated that 50 million have a certain kind or degree of hearing handicap, and 1 million have a profound or severe SNHL from which around the 50% are children [1]. An important percentage of these disorders can be prevented or early detected. Knowing that parents play a very important role in prevention, early diagnosis and intervention of these disorders; and taking into account the need to avoid the consequences of hearing deprivation, a program was established to integrate the objectives of the Audiology and Phoniatrics Department of the General Hospital of México (GHM) and the John Tracy Clinic (JTC) of Los Angeles, California, in the USA. We have organized a special parent-centered course, offered completely free of charge throughout Latin America. The main objectives are to improve knowledge on normal hearing, auditory disorders, epidemiology, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and, to give support, guidance and encouragement to parents of deaf or profoundly hearing handicapped children.


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