Multiparameter Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization and Image Processing: from Experiment to Clinical Application

  • J. M. Thijssen
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We started in the early 1980s with some serious efforts in tissue characterization, and have worked on the effects of beam characteristics on measurement of acoustic parameters, and on speckle characteristics of B-mode images. The methods and techniques we developed have been applied in clinical studies on diffuse liver disease and eye tumors. Two of my students finished their Ph.D. in 1990 [1,2], and after that date we proceeded with image processing and acoustic microscopy. Image processing was meant to start the next phase in tissue characterization. Since, we had developed the methods and the tools, and shown in clinical practice that it could work [3–7], we wanted to try and find methods to produce convincing images from these results. And at the same time, we started with acoustic microscopy in the hope of solving basic problems we had encountered while doing the clinical studies. We not only had obtained some fine results, but also we got some new interesting questions from these.


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