Non-Contact Measurement of Sound Speed of Tissues

  • H. Hachiya
  • S. Ohtsuki
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There are about 15,000 members in the Japanese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine, and the study of ultrasonics and its application in medicine are greatly pursued today. The reason for great activity is that manufacturers and their engineers are developmental work, and in the medical field the physicians are using these instruments continuously. The manufacturers and the engineers are on one side of the screen in which the instrument is made. On the other side of the instrument, the doctors are watching the screen. Sometimes their understanding of the image on the screen is different than imagined by the engineers. The medical ultrasound science is the common ground for both groups. Thus the doctors, physicians, engineers, and physicists must come together to have a common ground in developing instruments for these uses.


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  • S. Ohtsuki

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