Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy

  • David R. Triger


Although esophageal varices have long been considered to be the major cause of upper gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage in patients with portal hypertension, the literature contains many references to abnormalities of the gastric mucosa in these individuals. Possibly the earliest description of these changes was provided by Preble in 1900 [1] who wrote that “not all cirrhotics who bleed have varices as a source of hemorrhage, simultaneous rupture of many capillaries may cause bleeding in some”. Several series of patients with cirrhosis and upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage have reported erosions and ulcers to account for 30%–40% of bleeds [2–4] although alcohol was initially considered to be responsible for many of the lesions since the patient populations reported were predominantly alcoholics. A more recent study however [5] showed the prevalence of such lesions to be similar in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic subjects.


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