Aberrant Varices

  • Kunio Okuda
  • Kenichi Takayasu


Although dilatation of veins occurs anywhere within the abdomen in portal hypertension, by far the most common site of varix formation is the lower esophagus, followed in frequency by the gastric fundus and along the paraumbilical vein. The reason for the esophagus being the most common site of varix formation may be the short distance to the systemic circulation (azygos vein) along the left gastric-esophageal veins and a decreased arteriovenous flow resistance in the left gastric venous area demonstrated in cirrhosis [1]. The exact mechanism whereby an uncommon vein dilates and forms varices is not known. Probably, certain congenitally large veins simply dilate, forming varices when venous pressure increases. The general tendency would be that if one particular vein has once become a major hepatofugal pathway earlier than other veins, it will become very large up to a point beyond which it can no longer take more blood and cause other veins to become varicose. We have seen a patient with idopathic portal hypertension in whom a markedly dilated left gastric vein flowed directly into the inferior vena cava without involving the suprarenal vein, and a vascular anomaly was strongly suspected [2] (Fig. 34.1). In this section, we attempt to review the past reports on unusual varices and those from our own experience. For more details and references, the reader is referred to the excellent review by Lebrec and Benhamou [3].


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