Alcoholic Liver Disease and Portal Hypertension

  • Pauline de la M. Hall


Alcohol is acknowledged as the most common cause of chronic liver disease in the Western world [1–5] and is becoming a more common cause of liver disease in Japan where hepatitis B virus infection frequently co-exists [6–8]. Patients with known alcoholic liver disease may subsequently develop portal hypertension, but in many instances patients present for the first time with features attributable to portal hypertension [5]. Portal hypertension is classically seen in association with cirrhosis and is attributed to obstruction of the hepatic venous outflow by regenerative nodules and the presence of arteriovenous anastomosis in the fibrous septa of cirrhotic livers [9]. However, portal hypertension may also occur with precirrhotic alcoholic liver disease [10–13]. Many comprehensive reviews of the pathology and pathogenesis of alcohol liver disease have been written in the last few years [1,14–22]; the emphasis in this chapter will be on the pathology of precirrhotic alcoholic liver disease associated with portal hypertension, the importance of a definite histopathological diagnosis, and the effect of abstinence on the outcome.


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