Schistosomiasis Japonica — Clinical Features

  • Kunio Okuda
  • Masahiko Iuchi


Schistosomiasis japonica is widely distributed in Asia, particularly in China, the Philippines, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, South Celebes, Thailand, etc., and the estimated infected population is about 100 million [1,2]. In the central region of the People’s Republic of China along the Yangtze River Basin, this disease was most rampant because of the numerous water channels, small rivers and lakes where snails proliferated and people used to wash their chamber pots. During the Mao regime, the government campaigned with all-out efforts to eradicate the disease [2,3], and at one time a complete eradication was declared. In reality, however, such a goal has not yet been reached in this country. In Japan, this disease was put under control with the technical aid from the U.S.A. [4], and it is now all but extinct. There are still several thousand old people who have chronic Schistosoma (S.) japonicum infection in the previously endemic regions, and the number of symptomatic cases is perhaps several hundred.


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