Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Portal Hypertension

  • Shoichi Matsutani
  • Kunio Kimura
  • Masao Ohto
  • Kunio Okuda


Although ultrasonic anatomy of the upper abdomen related to portal hypertension has been well established with the old hand-driven machines [1–5], the advent of electronically activated parallel transducers for real-time linear scan revolutionized the sonographic approach to hepatobiliary diagnosis [6–8]. Thus, real-time ultrasonography (US) is practical in terms of time for the diagnosis of portal hypertension and accuracy in the hands of expert ultrasonographers/ hepatologists; splenomegaly is almost instantly recognized by US along with a dilated portal axis and collateral veins. If used in combination with the Doppler duplex system, the information gained vastly increases [9,10]. Other findings may also be seen by US that suggest the underlying disorder such as liver cirrhosis, the most common cause of portal hypertension. This chapter, therefore, consists of two parts, US diagnosis of portal hypertension and of liver cirrhosis.


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  • Shoichi Matsutani
  • Kunio Kimura
  • Masao Ohto
  • Kunio Okuda
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