Doppler Flowmetry—Clinical Applications in Portal Hypertensive Patients

  • Luigi Bolondi
  • Stefano Gaiani
  • Luigi Barbara


It is unanimously recognized that in the clinical assessment of portal hypertensive patients there are some unresolved hemodynamic problems that could be alleviated from a non-invasive hemodynamic technique applicable to large unselected series of patients. A substantial contribution to the understanding of the pathophysiology and the natural history of portal hypertension, to the assessment of bleeding risks and the evaluation of the effect of hormones and drugs on the portal venous system would be achieved by the measurement of flow in the portal vein and its tributaries as well as in collateral pathways and splanchnic arteries. In many instances, especially as far as the humoral regulation of splanchnic circulation and the effect of vasoactive drugs are concerned, the direction and the percentage of changes of flow velocity and volume provide enough information. Therefore it can be understood why in recent years there has been a remarkable increase in interest concerning the use of Doppler flowmetry for the investigation of portal hypertensive patients. Areas where this new technique is able to provide useful and reliable data have been recently defined in a Consensus Conference held in Bologna (Italy) [1]. On the basis of this consensus and on the most important papers published in the literature, this chapter will try to offer a comprehensive overview of current clinical applications and an insight into areas requiring further research with Doppler flowmetry.


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