Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Hepatic Tumor

  • Masao Ohto
  • Masaaki Ebara
  • Kunio Okuda


Great progress has been made in the diagnosis of space-occupying lesions of the liver with the advent of real-time ultrasonography (US) [1,2]. US is now indispensable in the detection of small lesions such as minute HCC [3–5]. The ultrasonograph has continuously been improved for better resolution and fewer artefacts. The more recent development of the convex-type real-time probe has significantly reduced the dead angle for the linear probe in the right hepatic lobe immediately below the diaphragm. Although large-mass lesions pose no difficulty in US diagnosis, a new problem has arisen with improved resolution of the transducer, namely the differentiation between small HCC and benign hyperplastic nodules [6–8]. In this chapter, we will discuss mainly US diagnosis of hepatic mass lesions and its significance in the clinical setting.


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  • Masao Ohto
  • Masaaki Ebara
  • Kunio Okuda
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