Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hemochromatosis

  • Robin A. Bradbear
  • June W. Halliday
  • Mark L. Bassett
  • W. Graham Cooksley
  • Lawrie W. Powell


The term “hemochromatosis” has been used in the past to refer to disorders in which excessive iron intake (enterai or parenteral) or absorption leads to an increase in body iron stores, with deposition of iron primarily in the parenchymal cells of the liver, heart, and other organs leading eventually to organ failure. Genetic hemochromatosis is an inherited disease in which an inappropriately high iron absorption from the small intestine is associated with a progressive increase in body iron stores. Hemochromatosis is now widely used to refer to this inherited disease, and the term “secondary iron overload” is used to refer to iron overload resulting from hematological defects or blood transfusions.


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  • June W. Halliday
  • Mark L. Bassett
  • W. Graham Cooksley
  • Lawrie W. Powell
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