Moyamoya Disease in Shanghai

  • Yu-Quan Shi


Moyamoya disease is infrequent in Shanghai. Upon review of all the cerebral angiographies performed in Hua Shan Hospital since 1961, only 42 cases which showed the characteristic radiological features of moyamoya disease were found. In comparision with the higher prevalence rates in other parts of our country such as Wupei province, Northern Jiangsu, and Guangxi province, where hundreds of cases have been reported in Chinese medical literature, the incidence of moyamoya disease in the Shanghai district is much lower. Among the 42 cases, 27 had their clinical data available for retrospective study, which was done by Wang and Tan in 1983. Their thesis, entitled “Brain base abnormal vascular network; Clinical and radiological analysis of 27 cases” was published in the Chinese Medical Journal 98(8): 583-590, 1983. Since then, another four cases have been seen in our hospital, making the sum total 31 cases upon which my discussion was based.


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