Acute Surgery for Ruptured Posterior Circulation Aneurysms

  • Shigeru Nemoto
  • Charles G. Drake
  • Sydney J. Peerless
  • Gary G. Ferguson
Conference paper


Posterior circulation aneurysms are less commonly encountered and surgical access is less straightforward. The timing of surgery for these uncommon lesions has not been discussed. This report concerns our recent experience with early management of ruptured posterior circulation aneurysms.


Intracranial Aneurysm Posterior Circulation Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Lower Cranial Nerve Basilar Artery Occlusion 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Shigeru Nemoto
    • 1
  • Charles G. Drake
    • 1
  • Sydney J. Peerless
    • 1
  • Gary G. Ferguson
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of NeurosurgeryUniversity HospitalLondonCanada

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