Surgical Treatment of Posterior Circulating Aneurysms

  • Akira Yamaura
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Probably the first successful operation for a posterior circulation aneurysms was performed by Olivercrona in 1932 for a right peripheral posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) aneurysms, which was trapped and excised [4]. A basilar aneurysm was surgically treated by Gillingham in 1958. Drake (1961), Logue (1964), and Jamieson (1964) pioneered utilization of a subtemporal approach in the treatment of basilar aneurysms. In 1975, Yaşargil et al. reported a frontolateral route to basilar bifurcation (BA-BIF) aneurysms [10]. A technical note of the transsylvian approach to aneurysms of the terminal portion of the basilar artery and of the lateral suboccipital approach to vertebral aneurysms will be discussed from our experience.


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