Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Tumors Non-Invasive and Invasive



Initial studies on premalignant lesions of pancreatic cancer showed that hyperplastic and metaplastic ductal proliferations, including papillary hyperplasia, are often found in association with pancreatic carcinoma [1, 2]. Although subsequent reports have confirmed these observations, it has been established that most of these lesions do not serve as cancer precursors [3–5]. In fact, papillary hyperplasia is now considered to be a nonspecific response of the ductal epithelium to various stimuli, especially ductal obstruction [6]. Only one case of papillary hyperplasia of the pancreas unassociated with preexisting chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer has been reported [7]. Histologically, papillary hyperplasia may involve the intralobular, interlobar, and main ducts. Tall columnar mucinsecreting cells with regular basal nuclei line the papillary projections. Cytologic atypia and mitotic figures are not seen and, therefore, this lesion does not represent a diagnostic problem and should not be confused with intraductal papillary tumor.


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