Infection Rate of Anisakinae Larvae in Fish Taken from the Offing of Ishikawa Prefecture

  • Y. Oikawa
  • T. Ikeda


The infection rates of Anisakinae larvae were examined in five types of marine fish and two kinds of cuttlefish taken from the offing of Ishikawa Prefecture, during the period of February to April, 1987. The species were walleye pollacks Theragra chalcogramma (30 fish), Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus (5), mackerel Scomber japonicus (20), plaice Hippoglossoides dubius (10), sardines Sardinops malanosticta (106), squid Doryteuthis bleekeri (15) and sagittated calamary Todarodes pacificus (40).


Peritoneal Cavity Walleye Pollock Intestinal Caecum Fukuoka Prefecture Scomber Japonicus 
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  • Y. Oikawa
  • T. Ikeda

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