Immune Adherence (IA), Sarles Phenomenon (SP) and Diffusion Chamber Method (DC)

  • H. Ishikura
  • Y. Kikuchi
  • O. Toyokawa
  • H. Hayasaka
  • K. Kikuchi


Immune adherence (IA) is an immune response between the antigen, the raw Anisakis larva kept under 37.0°C and the patient sera as the antibody, in addition to the frozen powder compliment of guinea pig and human O-typeerythrocyte.


Abdominal Cavity Cell Mediate Immunity Diffusion Chamber Ascaris Lumbricoides Somatic Antigen 
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  • H. Ishikura
  • Y. Kikuchi
  • O. Toyokawa
  • H. Hayasaka
  • K. Kikuchi

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