Radiographic Features of Intestinal Anisakiasis

  • T. Matsui
  • M. Iida
  • M. Fujishima
  • T. Yao


Intestinal anisakiasis was formerly considered to be a rare occurrence in Japan [1,2], with only a few case reports diagnosed by a preoperative radiological study [3-6]. We obtained clinical, radiologic and immunologic evidence of anisakiasis [5] and suggested that the specific radiological picture was edema and/or stenosis of the bowel. The degree of edema or stenosis differed due to the wide spectrum of clinical presentation. However, we concluded that radiological evaluation might be helpful in establishing the diagnosis.


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  • T. Matsui
  • M. Iida
  • M. Fujishima
  • T. Yao

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