Aspects of Mucosal Changes in Gastric Anisakiasis

  • T. Ooiwa
  • K. Sugimachi
  • M. Mori


Acute gastric anisakiasis caused by mucosal penetration of Anisakis larvae is fairly common in Japan as many species of fish, including mackerel, are often eaten raw [1–3]. Hence in patients with acute epigastric pain, anisakiasis should always be considered.

As the larvae of Anisakis present in the gastric mucosa can be observed endo-scopically, extraction is for the most part feasible [2]. The clinical features and characteristic findings at endoscopy and in upper gastrointestinal tract series plus the mucosal changes in gastric anisakiasis are described in this chapter.


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  • K. Sugimachi
  • M. Mori

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