Ultrasonic Examination

  • M. Yano
  • S. Yokomizo
  • T. Nakayama


The diagnosis of gastric diseases by ultrasonography has been considered to be relatively difficult because of the presence of digestive tract gas, which is most disadvantageous for ultrasonography, and the thickness of the organ, which is several millimeters thick. However, with improvements in ultrasonographic diagnostic equipment, many reports have appeared recently showing its applicability in the diagnosis of gastric diseases, such as gastric cancer, gastritis, and gastric ulcer [1–3]. Gastric anisakiasis causes such symptoms as severe epigastric pain, but if the larva is extracted endoscopically the symptoms disappear rapidly [4]. An early diagnosis is important in this disease. Gastric anisakiasis can be diagnosed by ultrasonography as a thickening of the gastric wall, and this is very useful as a supplementary means of diagnosis to endoscopy. In this chapter, ultrasonography of gastric anisakiasis is described mainly on the basis of the cases experienced by the authors.


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