Flexibility of TSG Platform to Project Requirements

  • E. Gnone
Conference paper


A study has been conducted to evaluate the applicability of the Tecnomare Steel Gravity (TSG) platform concept for developing offshore oil fields. This evaluation includes both the technical feasibility and economic attractiveness of the concept.

To aid in evaluating the question of economic attractiveness, a computer program was written to perform preliminary sizing of a TSG platform and to prepare an estimate of weight and towing requirements. Using this program, a parameter study was performed and a set of weight estimating curves was developed. Using these estimating curves in combination with up-to-date material and construction costs, a designer or operator can quickly estimate the cost of a TSG platform for a range of environmental conditions and operating requirements.


Unconfined Compressive Strength Cathodic Protection Structural Weight Drill Pipe Severe Environment 
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  • E. Gnone
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  1. 1.Marine Structures DepartmentTecnomare S.p.A.VeneziaItaly

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