Life Time Test of Prestressed Concrete Various Measures of Protection against Corrosion in Splash Zones

  • M. Ota
  • A. Numata
  • S. Kondo
Conference paper


Japan is a long and narrow seagirt country with an oceanic climate, stretching from subarctic to the subtropical zones.

Since the country is apt to be struck by typhoons in the seasons from summer to early autumn and the districts facing the Japan Sea in particular are affected by seasonal winds, splashes of sea salt particles fall on the areas about 10 km from the coastal lines.

Concrete structures have been regarded as semipermanent structures having high durability, but it has become known that concrete also deteriorates the same as other materials, with the result that its durability is also posing a problem from the social point of view.

Paying attention to the salt damages which are recently much talked about, regarding the deterioration of concrete structures, Japan Prestressed Concrete Contractors Association (JPCCA) have decided to carry out a developmental study of highly advanced corrosion preventive technology intended for oceanic structures, especially the concrete structures constructed in splash zones, as well as long-term durability evaluation.

The present study will be carried out as a joint work by Public Works Research Institute, Ministry of Construction and JPCCA with Research And Development Laboratory The Cement Association of Japan, it has been decided to make an overall study by sharing the roles making effective use of the respective strong points. As is evident from Table 1 showing concrete study items and contents, the study mainly consists of experiments.


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  • A. Numata
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  • S. Kondo
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  1. 1.Technical DivisionP.S. Concrete Co., Ltd., Tokyo BranchChiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102Japan
  2. 2.Technical DivisionP.S. Concrete Co., Ltd.Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100Japan
  3. 3.Technical DivisionOriental Concrete Co., Ltd.Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102Japan

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