Some Aspects of the Classifications of Pollution by Sea Water Aerosol for Reinforced Concrete Buildings

  • N. Kashino
Conference paper


Classification of reinforced concrete buildings standing along seashores was done based on investigations of actual conditions regarding the distributions of sea water aerosol in the atmosphere measured by the distance from the shoreline and the quantity of penetration of the aerosol into concrete. According to the classification, parts of reinforced concrete structures standing up to 200 m from the shoreline directly facing the sea are subjected to salt damage without fail so that it is necessary for some kind of countermeasure to be taken. In case of 1 km from the shoreline, it is necessary for care to be exercised since there is a possibility of salt damage being sustained.


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  • N. Kashino
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  1. 1.Materials Department, Building Research InstituteMinistry of ConstructionTsukuba, Ibaraki, 305Japan

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