Long-Term Prediction Model of Phosphorus in Bed Material

  • T. Horie
Conference paper


A numerical model is developed on the bottom phosphorus behaviors which are closely related with internal production of marine organics. The variation of O-P settling rate and dissolved oxygen are assumed by the record from 1880 to 1983. T-P and I-P in the sediment, PO4-P in interstitial water, and PO4-P release rate from sediment surface are simulated to the natural values in a specific point. According to the simulation result, PO4-P release rate slightly exceeds observed values in summer times, but the seasonal variation and the annual release rate of PO4-P display agreeable values with the observed. Furthermore, T-P and O-P concentrations of the sediment, and interstitial PO4-P approach to an asymptotic value to observed values. This model is expected to offer powerful means for the long-term prediction of phosphorus or the estimation of sediment treatment works.


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  • T. Horie
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  1. 1.Purification Hydraulics Laboratory, Marine Hydrodynamics Division, Port and Harbour Research InstituteMinistry of TransportNagase, Yokosuka, 239Japan

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