The Role of UICC in the Management of Cancer Patients

  • Séndor Eckhardt
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The International Union Against Cancer (Union Internationale contre le Cancer, UICC) is a voluntary, non-governmental organization active in the fight against cancer. It was created in 1934 after a successful International Cancer Congress held in Madrid (1933). It had several aims: a) to study the basis of an anatomo-clinical classification of tumours, b) to set up a permanent international documentation centre on all matters relating to cancer, c) to publish an international bulletin, d) to prepare future international cancer congresses, e) to publish an illustrated tumour nomenclature, f) to prepare a survey of cancer control societies and institutes. In order to reach these goals a structure of this organization was established. Basically, during the past, this structure did not change much and nowadays both the aims and means of the UICC are very similar to the original ideas. Therefore we are featuring the present UICC structure for a better understanding. For the time being UICC has the General Assembly consisting of more than 250 members from over 80 countries, the Council Members elected by the Member States and the Executive Committee. Besides, UICC set up a permanent Office for continuous functioning in Geneva, headed by the Executive Director. The General Assembly meets at the Business Meetings jointly held with the International Cancer Congresses every four years, while Business Meetings of the Council occur every two years. Both events take place in order to determine the policy of UICC in the coming period. Moreover, Council Members play a leading role in deciding action in cancer research and patient care. Executive Committee members meet twice yearly and their responsibility is to run activities decided by the Council. They do it through Program Chairmen elected by the Council and they supervise their aims and funding.


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