Endosonography and Computerized Tomography in the Evaluation of Tumor Invasion in Esophageal Cancer After Preoperative Chemo- and Radiotherapy

  • G. De Manzoni
  • E. Laterza
  • S. U. Urso
  • G. Borzellino
  • L. Rodella
  • C. Cordiano


Esophageal carcinoma presents a poor prognosis with 5-year survival rates not exceeding 5%, but rising to 18% for resected patients [1,2]. Surgery is currently the most valid form of therapy for the disease, though the morbidity and mortality rates are still high [3–5].


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  • G. De Manzoni
  • E. Laterza
  • S. U. Urso
  • G. Borzellino
  • L. Rodella
  • C. Cordiano
    • 1
  1. 1.First Department of General Surgery, Borgo Trento HospitalUniversity of VeronaVeronaItaly

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