Esophageal Cancer Associated with Multiple Primary or Intramural Metastatic Lesions

  • Michio Maeta
  • Akira Kondo
  • Syunsuke Shibata
  • Hiroshi Yamashiro
  • Nobuaki Kaibara
Conference paper


The presence of multiple primary [1] or intramural skip metastatic lesions [2], in addition to the main tumor are well recognized as specific features of invasive esophageal cancer. A detailed histological examination by serial blocks and subserial sections of the entire resected esophagus, as a routine procedure enabled us to detect the associated minute lesions that were barely identifiable macroscopically on the resected specimen. In the present study, we analyzed the clinicopathological findings of esophageal cancers associated with multiple cancerous lesions, apart from the main lesions, and we compared clinical features between multiple primary lesions (MPLs) and intramural metastatic lesions (IMLs).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Michio Maeta
  • Akira Kondo
  • Syunsuke Shibata
  • Hiroshi Yamashiro
  • Nobuaki Kaibara
    • 1
  1. 1.First Department of SurgeryTottori University School of MedicineYonago, 683Japan

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