Esophageal Trauma: A Modern Perspective

  • Daniel Kirgan
  • Arjun Pennathur
  • Alex G. Little
Conference paper


Esophageal trauma remains a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. This is reflected by reported mortality rates of 15%–20% which have remained unchanged for several decades. Outcome is clearly influenced by several factors, such as the mechanism of injury, extent of associated injuries, age, anatomic location, and timing of operation [1]. Historically, early aggressive surgical intervention has been the mainstay of therapy. Conservative treatment is only appropriate for carefully selected cases of chronic contained perforations [2].


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  • Daniel Kirgan
  • Arjun Pennathur
  • Alex G. Little
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of SurgeryUniversity of Nevada School of MedicineLas VegasUSA

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