Esophageal Perforations

  • Amadeu Pimenta
  • Valdemar Cardoso
  • Joaquim Rodrigues
  • Diogo Ayres-De-Campos
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Esophageal perforations, regardless of their etiology or location, are the most life-threatening of all digestive perforations [1, 2]. The spilling of air, food particles, digestive, and nasopharyngeal secretions into the neighboring tissues, caused by the rupture of the esophagus, provokes a fast and dangerous bacterial dissemination, frequently leading to a mediastinal abscess [1, 3].


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  • Amadeu Pimenta
  • Valdemar Cardoso
  • Joaquim Rodrigues
  • Diogo Ayres-De-Campos
    • 1
  1. 1.Cirurgia 4, S. João HospitalPorto Medical SchoolPortoPortugal

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