Endobrachyesophagus Without Mucosectomy: An Experimental Model in Dogs

  • Benjamin Narbona-Arnau
  • Pilar Argente-Navarro
  • Jose Miguel Lloris-Carsí
  • Miguel Angel Calvo-Bermúdez
  • Dolores Cejalvo-Lapeña
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Barrett’s esophagus is regarded us a precancerous disease, with a neoplastic degenerative tendency some 40 times that of the normal mucosa [1]. The condition lacks efficient medical treatment and antireflux surgery is insufficient and controversial. In turn, prophylaxis, involving endoscopic control and biopsies to afford curative exeresis or preventive resection, is both problematic and unsatisfactory, since endoscopy-biopsy is uncertain and expensive, while esophagectomy involves excessive morbidity and mortality.


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  • Benjamin Narbona-Arnau
  • Pilar Argente-Navarro
  • Jose Miguel Lloris-Carsí
  • Miguel Angel Calvo-Bermúdez
  • Dolores Cejalvo-Lapeña
    • 1
  1. 1.Centro de Investigación Hospital General UniversitarioValenciaSpain

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