Evaluation of a Computer Aided Propofol Infusion System

  • Martin White
  • Gavin N. C. Kenny
Conference paper


The concept of Computer aided drug infusion devices was first described by Alvis and colleagues [1]. The pharmacokinetics of propofol can be described by a 3 compartment mathematical model. There is a central compartment into which the drug is infused and from which the drug is eliminated and of which the blood is representative. There are two peripheral compartments into which the drug is distributed. This system is described by a system of differential equations each of which is merely a consideration of what goes into and out of each compartment in discrete time. The solution to this system is then incorporated into a computer program which operates tho model in real time and which is capable of controlling an infusion pump. Tho system we have developed consists of tho Ohmeda 9000 infusion device interfaced with the Psion 2 computer [2].


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  • Martin White
    • 1
  • Gavin N. C. Kenny
    • 1
  1. 1.Glasgow Royal InfirmaryUniversity Dept of AnaestheticsGlasgowScotland, UK

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