Organizational Modeling: Rationales, Issues, and Methods

  • Minder Chen
  • Kunihiko Higa
Conference paper


The increasing complexity and dynamics of modern organizations have made it difficult for people in them to understand and manage them. But modeling an organization is a difficult process, if not an impossible one. We raise several issues and assumptions about organizational modeling in this paper. The potential usages of organizational models are suggested. The large amount of information and complex relations among objects in the organization dictate the use of information technologies to support organizational modeling. An object-oriented multi-dimensional organizational modeling method is presented. Future research directions in organizational modeling are explored.


Future Research Direction Global Problem Organizational Modeling System Dynamic Modelling Difficult Process 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Minder Chen
    • 1
  • Kunihiko Higa
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Decision Sciences and MIS, School of Business AdministrationGeorge Mason UniversityFairfaxUSA
  2. 2.Information Technology for Management, College of ManagementGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAtlantaUSA

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