On Optimal Recovery of Multivariate Periodic Functions

  • Dinh Dung


Let X be a normed linear space of functions defined on the torus Td: = [-π,π]d and W c X. For a collection of points {x1,…,xk}c Td and a mapping Pk(t1,…,tk) from Rk into a linear manifold in X of dimensions at most k, one can naturally consider recovering f∈w from its values f(x1),…,f(xk) by the element Pk(f(x1),…f(xk)).


Trigonometric Polynomial Normed Linear Space Linear Manifold Optimal Recovery Holder Space 
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  • Dinh Dung
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  1. 1.Institute of Computer ScienceBa Dinh, HanoiVietnam

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