Ball Lightning Properties

  • A. I. Grigoryev


Functions of the density of ball lightning distribution on its existence duration and characteristic linear dimensions have been plotted according to the results of statistically processed by computers 3200 descriptions of ball lightning events (BL) collected from the eyewitnesses. Specific features of BL appearance and disappearance, movement and heat radiation etc. have been analysed. The authors investigated the connection of BL observation frequency with the intensity of thunder activity, which turned out quite rigid. This allowed to draw certain conclusions of the conditions of BL appearance. Pair correlation dependences between BL existence duration, characteristic linear dimensions, brightness and colour have been stated. Specific feature of the dependences of BL existence duration on brightness and colour is nonmonotony. The correlation dependence between BL brightness and its characteristic linear dimensions indicates that radiation proceeds from the BL surface layer the thickness of which is less than the radius. The authors evaluated relative errors in the quantitative data of BL characteristics reported by the eyewitnesses.


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