State Equation and Phase Diagram for Fractal Growth in Ball Lightning

  • G. C. Dijkhuis


A state equation for electron pressure in ball lightning plasma is derived by interpolating classical and quantum limits for pressure of free electrons with attractive exchange interaction. Vanderwaals-like isotherms with critical temperature 184-4- K are shown in phase diagrams of this state equation. The locus of electron fractions coexisting at different density is obtained with Maxwell’s lever rule. A subregion of the phase diagram is obtained where universal phase separation dynamics creates structures with fractal dimension.Their relevance to fractal growth in ball lightning, fireballs and laser ablation experiments is considered.


Fractal Dimension Quantum Limit Fractal Growth Lightning Discharge Electron Pressure 
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  • G. C. Dijkhuis
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  1. 1.Zeldenrust College, TerneuzenRotterdamThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Convectron N.V.RotterdamThe Netherlands

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