Satellite Communications of the Future and Their EMC Problems

  • F. L. H. M. Stumpers


The problem of the possible saturation of the radio spectrum has been with us for a long time. In 1972 at the proposal of Professor Barlow, chairman of Commission VI, URSI accepted a Recommendation, that, where possible guided waves should be used instead of radiated waves. At the time he thought more of guided microwaves. In 1988 Carassa wrote: “There is no doubt that the exceptional characteristics of optical fibers and their consequent fast penetration in the terrestrial telecommunication network erode some domains which were considered available for satellite communications”. Integrated Service Digital Networks are expected to be in the domain of optical fibres, but Bartholome and Catania have stressed, that, if we want to have ISDN within ten years, the help of radio (especially satellite waves), may well be necessary.


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